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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cross Culturality

Today American planning met Italian realities.

We purchased, in advance, at a premium, tickets to the Uffizi, the greatest of Florence's many museums.   8:15 was our appointed time.  I grumbled a bit, still we got up at "double a quarter to seven" aka 6:30.  We arrived promptly on time, only to find that a staff meeting (or perhaps a strike too) meant that the museum would not open till 10:30 and all tickets till that time would enter together.  Or rather a line would form for all those scores of ticket holders to wait for over two hours in the hope that the 10:30 promise was kept.  After a quick coffee and pastry (why waste the opportunity) we were about number 70 in line, a line that stretched for quite a distance by the time (at 10:30!) when the museum did indeed open.

Worth the wait.

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