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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Short Haul Trucking

Legged with a reconfigure bike, Peter and I set off for a short 30 mile ride through the island marshlands of Northern Florida. Spectacular vistas and birds.

Last night we camped at a weak county park. The ten ad price should have been a sign. Bad personal grooming facilities without a tree in sight. Our neighbors to the left played AC/DC "all night long." On the right they arose a 3:00 am, I think to go fishing. They did catch my attention.

But in truth I am just complaining for fun. Last night's dinner was terrific and included local reptile. And today's ride was glorious. Our Florida State site tonight boasts two 70 foot tall trees equipped with hanging moss. Dinner will be at the ocean. I'm getting ready to ship home my cooking supplies. The local food, especially the breakfasts, have keep the cooking to a minimum. And it still gets dark pretty early which impacts cleanup.

Tomorrow it's 50 miles to the edge of Brunswick Georgia, my next working stop.
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