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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Perfect View

I'm settled into a Georgia State Park campsite. The sky is blue from end to end, though the report is for rain. I'm ready, if one can be, but doubtful. It is just too pretty.

My new neighbors, who just moved in, offered me a glass of wine, so the quick and easy friendships of the road begins again. And as I write (but stopped) the camp host came by to be friendly. She and her husband camp host in the winter and RV travel the rest of the year. And now some small aggressive birds have come to visit.

Today I sadly left Greater Brunswick where I quickly and powerfully made friends with a variety of great people. My time there seems fresh in my memory and so long ago as I have resumed my journey. Tomorrow 50 plus miles to Douglas, GA.
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  1. looks great
    a little jealous not with you
    my bike arrived back in A2 today