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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Full Day Half Over

Last night it stormed, but the nearest lightning was three miles away. And I was dry in my tent.

This morning I road ten miles to breakfast which seemed ordinary till the waitress returned with the South Georgia version of the Jacksonville paper ( with my picture on the cover. Celebrity before the grits arrived.

Later in the day I took a paved but back roads shortcut of fifteen miles. I saw eleven cars and four dogs, in two groups of two. Chasing me. Now, I've been told that a bike can out run a dog and, more importantly, out stamina a dog. And I did. Twice. But it was close, especially the second time. A third time, thank God I avoided the test. All in favor of more traveled roads, raise your leg.

The end of the short cut was the town of Nichols, GA. This was my first experience of obvious systemic poverty. Lunch, a grilled cheese with fries and a tea was under five dollars. The grocery store where I went looking for, but not finding a banana, had fruit that would not be sold from an Ann Arbor discount bin. And the whole place just looked sad.
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  1. So glad stamina adrenaline and luck let you outrun dogs! No gators in campsites....yet???

  2. I was taught that the appropriate response to a dog chasing me on my bike is to dismount and stand still keeping the bike between me and the dog. Good advice, but easier said than done. I admit that my tendency is to try to out-pedal the dog.

  3. Thought you would like the actual link to the article...