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Friday, March 18, 2011

B'shart "the meant to be"

B'shart is Jewish for what is ordained. As a card carrying member of the free will society and an advocate of everyone else's personal responsibility, I usually privately shudder when told something is b'shart, driven by controlling forces beyond human understanding.

This trip could make me a believer. The last few days may make me an advocate. When I needed friend to put me up for the night, the Cantor in Melbourne took me in. I'm allergic to cats. She had five or six. Not once did I sneeze. I needed to race ahead of a serious storm, two days of twenty mph winds at my tail. I had a week with nothing to do. My mom really needed me just that week and I could be there.

And now for the most egotistical of all, this week, this time with my mom, this time with no need to cycle, and I catch the cold of the season. Ok, I might not of become sick on the road, it might have been a cold I picked up on the plane, but the impact of this cold on the road would have ranged between devastating for the trip to just really, really annoying.

Instead I am in the company of the woman who has nursed me to health numerous times. Now before we get lost in my inconsiderate behavior, I have been taking care of my mom and not the other way around. Still it is comforting to be in her company and know she cares.

And it is balancing to the role reversing care I am giving her.

And it is loving. And I do believe in love.

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  1. Bob, so glad to hear your mom is doing well. Sorry you've been under the weather; b'shart or not, sometimes our bodies tell us when we need to slow down. BTW, it's always a good choice to skip the grits and go for the bagels in south Florida! :-)