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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Day Well Spent

Last night after dinner and anti-vermin clean-up, another cyclist rode into my campsite.  German, a engineering student, with a cool bike and way over-loaded.  His saddle-bags, the same as mine but a day glow orange he got at a bargain price, loaded to the point of not closing and then piled high with sleeping goods and a handle bar bag (also orange).  Of course, being 20 something, he could handle it. Jonas ask how to pay, it being past closing, and I invited him just to join me.  Needless to say his tent was triple sized compared to mine.  But I was really sorry that he could not share in the feast.

Many good vibes today, including great Gulf vistas and the cool town of Apalachicola, but the highlight was the decision to pass up my camping reservation and push on another 20 miles to Port St. Joe, FL. With the wind it took just over an hour.  I'm glad I shrunk my load.

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  1. German cyclists seem to be that way- "Ze panzer unit"