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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Micro Vacation

I met a friend, Marc, for dinner tonight. He, like me, had come to Florida (from Ann Arbor) to see an ill relative. We shared a bit of respite. We went to a perfect Italian resturant. Not a chain, a McItalian of Adult Casual Dining, nor a tres chic place with tiny portions of too many ingredients. But not a "B" level place either. Rather real people really cooking. I had Osso Buco, braised lamb shanks with risotto, sort of Italian pot roast.  Rich. Perfect.  And a beer, not wine.  Very manly.

We talked about our trips to South Florida, we laughed about life, we shared a this and a that.  Almost three hours passed in a comfortable breeze.  Who says women have a lock on intimate friendships.

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  1. Hi Bob. Enjoying your blog--even followed you during our 6 weeks in Nicaragua. Glad your mom's better. Now when you get to Gulfport, Biloxi, and Pascagoula you'll be in my childhood territory. (We left when I was 11--64 years ago!) But it's also Katrina territory so our brick home on the beach in Pascagoula is completely gone. My bubeh, Shima Leah Rosenblum, was pictured dedicating the congregation's building in the clipping I sent you. They may also have had to move after Katrina. Not sure. I hope there's enough left of my Gulf Coast for you to enjoy. I'll be eager to hear your impressions. Love, Be