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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've come to New Orleans for the reform rabbis convention. I attend this annual event regularly once a decade. It's a scary thought to be in the company of so many rabbis. Amazingly the convention this year was directly on my cycling path both in place and time. A good and overdue chance to see friends.

And the food's been amazing. Last night I went to a place owned by the Brennan family, the local food bigwigs, but this particular place a cab ride distant from downtown and the French Quarter. (And btw the French Quarter is seedy and back.)

What food. Sauced, of course. Let's just say that my appetizer was BBQ lamb spare ribs. Did I say amazing?

The same storm hit here as in Gulfport, yet here seems much more back to normal. But perhaps this reflects my becoming a conventioneer instead of a cyclist. There are damaged buildings, but the atmosphere of sadness is not present.

Still when I wandered into the Quarter "cycling style" to find a laundromat, I made the acquaintance of the owner of the "launDRYmat." She did not want her picture taken, but soon she was sharing her life's story and pictures of the storm, including one labeled, a 40 foot wall of water. The food is amazing and the memories are stunning.
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  1. I wish we'd known you were going to Commander's as we have a friend who works there and could score you some serious liagnappe! Next time.

    And we saw that very same band when we were there in February. They're pretty good. A local friend bought L their CD so be sure to save your money, ok?