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Friday, March 25, 2011

Captain's Log Supplemental

I always wanted to say that Captain Kirk line. And it even sort of fits. This blog would not be complete without a entry on southern gas stations that serve food. Of course, I ate my share of gas station mini doughnuts, but there is more. Like Hunt Brothers pizza, prepared off site, but cooked in mini pizza ovens in gas stations (so far) from Florida to Mississippi. And its not bad when your really hungry and there is cold Diet Coke to buy with it. And more than once I came across gas stations with non-chain resturants inside. Breakfast/lunch places. BBQ places. Crawfish and shrimp places, like the one just down the road from the synagogue where I'm sleeping. Up north I'd never think of mixing fuels. But often the best cooking comes from the plainest of places and nothing is more humble than a filling station.
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