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Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Life with Grouper

The State Park is a paradise. k. d. lang is channeling Palsy Klein. RV's of various sizes arrive. Dinner prep begins. My neighbors are friendly. Life again is . . .

But I'm cold. The tradeoff for the north winds that drove me south is the cold air. Earlier today I accepted the tradeoff. I was biking, creating heat. Now I want it both ways. Good wind early in the day, warmth later.

Being selfish is the right of all that lives. Verbalizing it is human. Wishing for better is what we do. But accepting the truth of the universe is our fate.
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  1. Sounds like you are doing well on your journey through the south. It was fun to read your stories about Tallahassee... we lived there once. Sounds like you've met many nice people along the way.
    Take care and we look forward to reading your pedalers blog. They use to have many jewish peddlers in the south as you probably know. If you get up near Montgomery they'd love to see you(including the local rabbi) Linda